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Insurance / Financial Options

At Appleton Dental Center, we never want finances to hold you back from a gorgeous, healthy smile.  That is why we accept most of the major insurances', offer flexible financing, and will work with you to maximize your benefits.  Our goal is to make modern dentistry accessible for all.  As a courtesy to our patients we try to get as much dental benefits information from your dental provider as possible.  Please note there are limitations and frequencies that typically apply to dental plans.  We will try to help answer any questions the best we can with your specific insurance benefit.  

We accept most dental insurance plans 
At Appleton Dental Center we are happy to help you get the most of your dental insurance. We accept most major insurance plans. Please call us if you have any questions about what insurances are accepted, or how to best use your benefits. 

Don’t have dental insurance? 
For those without insurance, we offer cash discounts and payment plans through our office.

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Insurance Accepted

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